Saturday, May 17, 2008

why can't XMPP keep their website up?

Several times this month I've found, the organization responsible for the Jabber protocol and it's many extensions, non-responsive. Their site has been down for at least 7 hours tonight, the longest yet (to my knowledge).

For our purposes I'll be mirroring their XEP's on as soon as they're back up. It's seriously frustrating to be working on this when the documents you need are often unavailable.

If anyone knows of an existing mirror we could use, please reply to this posting.


stpeter said...

Sorry about those outages -- we've been working through some hardware issues of late...

Arc Riley said...

We all have flaky hardware issues from time to time

But please, post a request for help/donations towards resolving it.

The XMPP project is too important to have these kinds of problems persist.