Friday, May 02, 2008

initial impressions of Trac 0.11

Trac 0.11rc1 was released this week, marking a feature freeze for 0.11.

One of the major improvements over 0.10.4 is the Genshi template system allowing complete control over a site's HTML. For example, you can copy the default layout.html to your site's templates/ directory to remove the obnoxious "Trac" string at the end of every page's title and the other Edgewall advertising splayed all over a default Trac site.

Of course, this is also means a Trac site can be radically redesigned in structure without editing the source code. Hopefully this leads to a greater diversity in project site design.

Another major feature is ticket workflows are now customizable, allowing projects using Trac to decide how their tickets will be processed. For example, a "testing" state could be added to signify a ticket as "though to be complete, but waiting for verification".

I plan on upgrading this weekend along with a few new Trac plugins and a minor site redesign.

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