Wednesday, January 02, 2008

PySoy Beta-2 response!

12 hours after the PySoy Beta2 release we've had over 120 downloads, about half of which for Windows.

Some users were quick to point out we forgot three dll's in the installer; glew, iconv, and zlib1. We're rebuilding the installers for Windows to include these and testing to ensure we didn't forget anything else.

PySoy Beta-2 Released!

We finished up the spit-n-polish work tonight and shipped the second "beta" of our 3D game engine for Python!

Included is support for Microsoft Windows (with nice bdist graphical installer), keyboard input and an early draft of the controller-action system, text rendering thanks to Cairo, support for Joints, and other enhancements and fixes too numerous to list.

While over a dozen developers contributed to this release I'd like to especially thank Kirk McDonald for porting the engine to Windows API, Derek Rhodes for getting the Cairo support in, Eric Stein for his work from Summer of Code and since, and Piet Delport who provided countless hours of help to all of us with Pyrex-related issues.

We're far from done so please download, enjoy, give feedback, and if so inspired help us reach 1.0!