Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mesh code refactoring

I spent most of the day fixing, shifting, folding, documenting, and otherwise refactoring soy.models.Mesh and it's related datatypes and atoms. I'll likely spend most of tomorrow finishing this up.

In short, the render process we used was crude, lacked some really easy features, looped through 6 different classes for each Mesh (Mesh, MaterialList, Material, Texture, FaceList, VertexList) and had data management code in these plus the two related atom classes (Face and Vertex).

In short, not only was the code difficult to grok (even for me and I wrote much of it) but was slower that need be and increasingly difficult to expand. Game engines need both rendering speed (fps) and easy expandability, so this is a high priority ticket.

The new structure moves all of the actual Mesh data into the Mesh objects themselves; MaterialList is gone (to be replaced by MaterialDict later), FaceList and VertexList will now only store a reference to their parent Mesh to draw data from.

I'm going to be centralizing data management functions in Mesh as well, so the atoms can be much simpler and we can actually talk about optimizing the VBO layout. We'll also be doing dynamic passes, based on how many textures/pass a GL implementation supports, and supporting more textures targets (ie, specularity, emissive)

Again, sprint via IRC this weekend complete with remote peer programming via Gobby. Join us in #PySoy on

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