Monday, May 12, 2008 now requires EXACTLY Pyrex

16:02 < maacl> import soy
16:02 < maacl> File "LoopThread.pym", line 51, in
16:02 < maacl> TypeError: 'dict' object does not support item assignment
16:03 < Arc> from threading import _active, _active_limbo_lock
16:03 < Arc> self._active = _active
16:03 < Arc> [...] and line 51:
16:03 < Arc> self._active[self._threadID] = self

I'm not going to even look into this further. Pyrex 0.9.7, for a reason I'm not going to even contemplate, raises an error about dict item assignment on the last line. None of us use it due to it's barfing of depreciated lines for all our for statements, but this brave tested did and reported the problem today.

I just committed an update to that fails when any Pyrex version besides is used.

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greg said...

Sorry about that! I'm pretty sure I know exactly what's wrong, and I'll fix it ASAP.

BTW, it would be very helpful if you could at least tell me about any things like this that you happen to find, even if you're moving away from Pyrex.