Wednesday, March 28, 2007

synergy restored my sanity

So I have a lab setup with multiple testing systems, each with a different kind of video card, and a cluttered desk of keyboards, mice, game controllers and joysticks. There's a mass of braided/tangled/ratnested cables from all these peripherals leading to the computers behind my desk.

By the advice of some devs I installed Synergy and set every test system on a loop. Each continues to have it's own GPU+Monitor, their own GNU/Linux distro for packaging, but I only need one keyboard and one mouse to move between them.

Kudos guys, what's left of my sanity thanks you!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

new maintainer

I've resumed my role as pysoy maintainer due to Zach's other committments not leaving enough time for him to continue the position. Zach will remain on as the distribution director and windows packaging lead.

Now that I've had time to review the work that's been done I've started work on an inter-component API and roadmap to move forward. Look for these on the wiki, and yes, they're open for discussion. The role of maintainer is to facilitate and mediate, not dictate.

After this is done we'll begin getting the codebase back into SVN. I feel it's important, especially given new developers joining us, that this be done in the next two weeks. Part of this process will include pruning developers who are no longer active by who works toward this goal.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Summer of Code 2007

PySoy will once again participate in Google's Summer of Code under the Python Software Foundation.

We've had several decent proposals from students and will have a tough time choosing between them. It's always one of the things I have a tough time with, myself. Announcements for which students were accepted will be made April 11th.