Friday, March 21, 2008

1.0_beta3 release and a Sprint this weekend

There is a rumor going around that because our 1.0_beta3 milestone is marked as due today (3/21) we're planning a release today. This is false, we'll be releasing sometime in early spring as advertised - the due dates marked for our milestones are our preferred date only.

We're still tracking down one or more nasty race conditions which only show up on multicore systems, we still have a bit more work to do before the next release, and a good deal more testing is needed after these bugs are found to demonstrate stability. If you're experience with debugging we could use some help - some of our tests seem to indicate mutex locks being ignored.

This weekend is a good time, too. Starting today (Friday) we're running a pre-Beta3 online sprint. In our IRC channel (#PySoy on you can find a good number of developers working almost around the clock on various parts of the 3D engine and a few working in Gobby for remote pair programming.

If you're not into debugging, or don't have a multicore system, there are many other tasks - large and small - that need doing.