Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I've been talking to Zach about PySoy and we've reached a solution to continue from.

First, work will continue on subversion/trac as it has. Zach's been given admin access to the website and has accepted responsibility to update the ticket system, roadmap, and post design docs on the wiki.

Next, I've passed the role of "maintainer" to Zach. We'll continue to operate democratically for major design decisions and releases but someone has to be able to make trivial choices about checkins, branches, etc.

Finally, being as some of us just aren't cool enough for Jabber, we're going to setup a jabber-irc bridge for #PySoy and get all of his crazy Python 3D crew onto the -dev mailing list.

I'm remaining as part of the project but with the new business and related deadlines I'm unable to dedicate as much time to the PySoy project as I could before. Progeny Games will still be using Python & PySoy and will continue to fund specific PySoy enhancements.