Sunday, January 10, 2010 rendering, GLEW headache

I'm seeing "red" now with our Windows, in more ways than one. The rendering code for is to the point that, by changing the glClear color, we're seeing red in the window rather than black. This is a big step forward given that porting to use GDK is a big part of the libsoy migration.

On the other side of "red" is anger over GLEW. I really wish I knew of a decent, mature alternative to GLEW. The project is so immature that, though one of the maintainers is a Debian developer, they do not provide the pkgconfig file for it. Without this file, which provides Waf with the location of the library and it's headers, we would have to write a search script to verify that it's installed and find it's location. None of the major distros I looked at provide the pkgconfig on their own.

It's also at least partially redundant with the functionality of gtkglext which I believe should be able to replace GLEW entirely.

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