Tuesday, January 05, 2010

language mixing

After some work to update our ODE bindings for Vala, we discussed Bullet again last night and returned to the conclusion to drop further work on ODE and focus on Bullet for the next release.

It quickly became clear that the C bindings for Bullet are utter horse crap; praise for the effort for whoever wrote them, and I by no means intend to disparage your ability or intentions, but they're horribly incomplete and usable for little more than the two demo apps included in the source. Moreso, the C bindings are "higher level" than the C++ library, performing several steps automatically (such as calculating body inertia from mass and shape) which our 3d game engine needs more direct control over. I first wrote an alternative (ABI compatible) C header for it, and then started to rewrite it entirely.

I decided that if we're going to write our own Bullet compatibility layer, we may as well go all the way in wrapping it with GObject. The code is simple enough, but defining GObject in C involves a lot of boilerplate - in some cases more than the code itself. To get through this and retain my sanity, I started work this morning on a C++ code generator that takes the relevant functions and wraps them in the standard boilerplate.

The format I'm using is Genie-like for class and method definition, then C++ within dumped directly to the target .cpp. The code generator will generate the .vapi as it works and compile our wrapper as a static library which libsoy can link to directly.

Kudos again to Waf for making this rather eccentric use of their build system dead simple and clean.

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