Wednesday, February 27, 2008

State of the Soy @ r1000

Last night our humble 3D game engine reached 1000 commits to it's Subversion repository.

PySoy has been contributed to by 20 developers, 7 of which are currently active. The project's IRC channel is in nearly constant use by developers working on different tasks.

The external API has drawn considerable praise by users, despite it's state as beta, and the constructive feedback we've received has led many of the post-Beta2 API changes.

The internal API, while having some rough edges, has been commented on by several new developers as remarkably clean. We've passed the point which the COMPLETED list exceeds the TODO list, despite the latter constantly growing, and focus has largely shifted toward debugging, documentation, and polish.

Most notably, we've reached the point of needing a legal entity for the project. Using the Software Freedom Conservancy as a rough template, we've started the process to form a non-profit corporation with a focus on copyleft game projects. An announcement about this will be posted as more details are firmed up.

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