Friday, February 01, 2008

downtime and new server

As many people have noticed, * was down yesterday. Since our former server is still offline (thanks, Verizon) I've paid out of pocket for a new colocated server hosted at ServerBeach.

After an all-nighter getting it setup, is back up, as is svn, and hopefully everything else. I'll resolve any problems tomorrow, as I'm in serious need of sleep now.


Robert said...


Welcome aboard. We're glad you're here and hopefully your server problems will be history.

Robert Miggins

Robert said...

sorry - I work at ServerBeach. Should have said that before.

guess I need more sleep too :)

Arc Riley said...

Ditto. The RapidRescue system was great, being able to boot a live image to install Gentoo myself.

Once Anubis (the primary server) is back online we'll be able to mirror the site across both and ensure uptime, regardless of upgrade mistakes and freak weather.