Monday, February 11, 2008

consolidated _core-*/ to _core/

Last year Pyrex, then version, did not support compile-time conditions for things such as platform specific code. To work around this used different _core directories, one for each platform, and a platform test in would determine which directory soy._core was compiled from.

While functional, this created duplicated work and a fairly messy source tree with four different _core-* directories. With Pyrex 0.9.6 release came support for code such as this:

IF UNAME_SYSNAME == "Windows":
include "icky_definitions.pxi"
include "nice_definitions.pxi"
include "penguin_definitions.pxi"
include "other_definitions.pxi"

... and, thus, we could finally merge those _core-* directories into src/_core and remove kludge from Tonight that's exactly what I did. Behold,

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