Saturday, July 07, 2007

"State of the Soy" @ r400

I just committed revision 400 which sets video playback to realtime. Yes, video, we now have the ability to stream Ogg Theora as a texture onto a canvas or mesh.

Working backwards, Toba got some more shapes committed (ie, box) so collision is progressing nicely. We can now stack widgets by depth (layered), horizontally, or vertically with aspect ratios and margins. All soy.Window functions (ie position, resize, title change) are working.

We have a basic light/material model working (1 light, 1 texture), with textures being imported from PIL, and every form of 1d and 2d texture is supported including greyscale, greyscale+alpha, color, and color+alpha. These can be shown on a canvas or mesh.

Just 2 days out from Beta-1 with a handful of critical tickets remaining, I think we'll get it ready. The most exciting work is still a few weeks off, though. Stay tuned.

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