Thursday, July 05, 2007

recent work update

We're 4 days out from beta-1 now, at this point we're starting to see all the things that won't get done in time.

Angelo got lights working, or at least one light. More work is needed before beta-1. Texturing is acting odd in that it's colors are ignored if provided from a soy.colors.Color (while they work fine without texturing). Static colors work fine. I can only guess as to the reason behind this.

Today Toba got fields to activate based on collision shapes, a huge step forward. He added a new test script to show this.

I managed to get much further with File loading; transports are now being processed by _coreLoop (through an ugly hack), codecs are identified, and Theora streams are being initiated. I hit a barrier with trying to use dicts within coreloop, so before moving forward the soy._internals.IndexTab class will need to be finished (which will provide lookup of void *'s from either int or char* key, each object having both).

Jayce dropped out of Summer of Code. His work has been pushed to beta-2 for others to finish.

Nothing from Mike recently, we still need work done for joints.

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