Friday, July 06, 2007

soy.Window ready for beta-1

About a quarter of the Beta 1 tickets were various bugs in soy.Window left behind when we migrated from GLUT.

After a day of work I'm happy to announce that they've all been fixed:

Multiple windows work, I tested a loop to create 100 of them then destroy them all in various orders.

.position and .size can be both accessed and changed from the Python side. I tested with multiple windows to ensure each had it's properties being updated in realtime. While we don't have container widgets yet each widget gets a _resize call whenever the parent window is resized.

The window's .title can be set in realtime. I spent a number of hours trying to get the window's icon setable to a 2d texture but gave up, more code is needed here than I have time for.

Dynamic camera changing for a projector is now supported as well. That was a trivial little bug..

Overall we're close to 60% finished with the weekend remaining to finish them up. I'd like to dedicate Monday to packaging it up and getting the list of dependencies together.

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