Thursday, May 18, 2006

Summer of Code project ranking

We're expecting our nearly-official "N" (number of projects) from Google tomarrow. Python Software Foundation is requesting 70 proposals, it's very unlikely we'll receive fewer than 50.

Out of over 200 applications, the lowest Soya app we're considering is ranked at 31. 6 out of 7 isn't bad at all. One application for a water-wave-effects class was removed from consideration when we received a much stronger proposal for roughly the same project.

Currently ranked at 39 is an extremely interesting project by Marcin Pertek for building a Mozilla/Firefox plugin interface for Python. Basically, if completed, we could write Firefox plugins using PyGame, Soya, or any number of other gui/widget modules.

Of course, for security, we need a .xml file format for 3d objects before Soya is used for building Plugins. Another great example for why we need to stop bundling code with data via Python pickles.

Andrew Bouchard has another interesting proposal up (currently ranked 34) for an artificial intelligence suite in Python. His focus is primarily robotics though there's only a marginal difference between game ai and robotics ai when you work with cal3d directly.

The most interesting PSF proposal, ranking solid at 9, is Karol Langner's "Base multidimensional array type for Python core". Anyone who's needed to use an array[x][y][z] for 3d data storage can surely see the value of having these types replaced by an optimized multidimensional list in Python core. Prehaps we'll see this with Python 2.5.

I think these are all a sure bet to be approved. We'll know for sure on Monday.

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it's even funner when you post lots of pictures and/or videos.

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