Saturday, May 20, 2006

SoC update

We're still waiting for numbers from Google. They're apparently still working on the tools to generate the number of projects each organization will receive (tweaking variables/etc).

There's been some dire numbers being thrown around, such as 75% of the orgs receiving 5 or fewer projects, but the PSF should certainly be in the upper 25%. The lowest Soya app is now rated at #28.

Note, however, if the number PSF receives is very low - 30 or 35, a chaotic re-ordering is likely and anything is possible. I'm still betting on a higher number; it'd be entirely unfair for smaller orgs with 2-4 mentors to receive a roughly 1:1 student:mentor ratio while larger orgs to have fewer than half as many projects as mentors. We'd end up with a good number of mentors jaded from the time-consuming last few weeks not producing anything productive.

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