Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Cut

I think we just finished one of the most hard decidions we've had so far. Out of the remaining 5, only 2-3 are likely to be approved. All of the remaining proposals are excellent, and each of the students very qualified, so the choice comes down to which projects are most needed for Soya.

We had a public Soya meeting where students had a chance to discuss their projects in more depth, then us mentors discussed them for another hour. I won't post what the outcome was, but we've ranked the proposals in preference. From here, it's up to the other PSF mentors and admins to decide how many slots we'll receive and possibly even re-order them.

Tomorrow at approximately 8PM EDT we'll have the tenative results. Tuesday Google will be posting the winning proposals. Only then will the final results be known (after all, one of the students could be disqualified/etc).

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