Wednesday, May 12, 2010

server migration complete

I have finished migrating all the websites I host from maat (at ServerBeach) to nut (at Hurricane Electric). Tonight I finished wiping all the passwords, ssl certs, and other private data from the old server before its shut down tomorrow.

Maat was an Athlon XP 2200+ server with 1gig ram, 80gig HD, 10meg up/down, 2TB/month transfer, and 1 IPv4 address. Nut is a Atom 330 (1.6ghz 64-bit dual core) with 2gig ram, 500gig HD, 100meg up/down, unlimited bandwidth, 6 usable IPv4 addresses and a /64 IPv6 subnet - and costs less.

I shed a tear working through maat's filesystem checking for any remaining files to be copied and finding the original Gentoo stage3 tarball used to install it: /stage3-i686-2007.0.tar. Tomorrow ServerBeach will likely disconnect maat and retire it as after 3 years the server is out of maintainability.

My experience so far with Hurricane Electric is that their remote admin tools are limited to "remote hands" (call a technician 24/7 to reboot a server, type in commands, etc), where ServerBeach offered a really nice web portal for rebooting, accessing a rescue image, etc without having to call anyone. Of course, those tools haven't been working correctly since December. The technicians at Hurricane Electric have demonstrated a far higher level of expertise than anyone I've spoken to at ServerBeach.

Unlimited 100meg bandwidth, IPv6, and 10x bandwidth (HTML/5 Ogg audio/video hosting) is the real seller. In retrospect, I'm really glad ServerBeach had the FUBAR downtime in December prompting me to look for alternatives, this is a much better deal.

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