Saturday, May 15, 2010

dusting off pyogg2

I've started work on updating an old CMS I worked on between 2002-2005 that includes a non-linear Ogg editor and Icecast stream queue management. Part of this is updating the CMS to Python 3, including pyogg2 which it uses.

Since I no longer have working ssh keys for committing to, I copied the pyogg2 repository to and resumed the work I left off in 2005. Pyogg2 was in fairly stable shape but lacked documentation, utilities for working with common codecs, and only had a few examples to learn it with. I'm already given its build system a major cleanup (now just " build" like any other Python package) and almost finished the Python 3 PyModule code.

I have a lot more work to do on this; the CMS needs to be updated for modern web standards (HTML/5), the homebrew MySQL ORM with SQLAlchemy, and changing from the old CGI Apache configuration setup to CherryPy.

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