Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sprinting to Beta-2

What a better way to kick off 2008 than with the long-awaited Beta-2 release of PySoy?

We've been lazy though, very little has been committed since Beta-1's release a few months ago. To play catchup and get us focused enough to reach this goal a sprint has been scheduled for the last weekend of 2007 (Dec 28-30).

The physical site for the sprint is in Manchester, NH. A bank of public IPs (no NAT), caffeine, desktop space, and inflatable crash mats await those able to make it. RSVP for the address.

For those working from home we'll have IRC and video conferencing throughout the weekend. If you're planning to participate join #PySoy or get your webcam working with Ekiga.

Even if you have no experience with C programming or OpenGL we need people for documentation, writing examples, and unit testing. Being inexperienced is an advantage for locating inadequately documented classes and filling in the gaps!

Every serious participant will be mailed a silk-screened "PySoy Sprint 2007" patch. Sews easily to a backpack, jacket, etc to let the world know that you helped make the PySoy revolution!

1 comment:

Titus Brown said...

Arc, any thoughts on writing up some of the simpler documentation/tutorial/unit test tasks for GHOP?

I know PySoy was active in GSoC, and you can't escape that easily ;)