Thursday, December 27, 2007

fresh soymilk!

While this is a blog about PySoy, a 3d engine for Python, this post is about a soy related product I recently fell in love with.

It's called the SoyQuick soymilk machine. Basically a pitcher, heating element, grinder, filter screen, and some sensors in one package.

You throw in 2/3 cup of soaked soy beans, fill water to a line in the pitcher, plug in a standard power chord (same as computers use), press the start button, and 15 minutes later fresh soymilk in the pitcher and okara in the filter basket.

This awesome machine plus an ample supply of Special Gunpowder Green Tea is what's fueling me through the PySoy Beta-2 release process.


Wybiral said...

Awesome, I got one of those last year and we still use it. Did you happen to get the Tofu kit as well?

Arc Riley said...

Yep! Haven't tried it yet, though.

The kit came with only 30 packs of Magnesium chloride coagulant, only about two week's worth at the rate I consume tofu.

It'll be nice to have fresh tofu again, living in Ithaca (with daily fresh tofu from IthacaSoy) really spoiled me. The stuff in most supermarkets isn't nearly as sweet and has a bland sterile taste.

Wybiral said...

It makes some pretty good tofu (it's a little tricky, but it is delicious). The best part about those things is that you can buy soybeans in bulk for really cheap (as opposed to soy milk and tofu). So PySoy isn't just a random name?

Arc Riley said...

tried making tofu last night, I think I did it wrong since it came out crumbly and chalky. when at first you don't succeed..

nope PySoy isn't just a random name :-) Soya3D had the charming motto of "Enjoy Soya - and stop eating meat!". We have our own collection of Soy Quips.

Of course you don't need to be veg to love Soy. It really is, dietarily, the perfect food.

Of course veg*ans are generally more aware of it than others...