Saturday, April 21, 2007

more fun with pyramids

Just goofing off, added multiple projectors to the previous example (all attached to the same camera):

pro = soy.widgets.Projector(win, size=win.size, camera=cam)
proj1 = soy.widgets.Projector(win, size=(400,300), position=( 0,0), camera=cam)
proj2 = soy.widgets.Projector(win, size=(400,300), position=(400,0), camera=cam)
proj3 = soy.widgets.Projector(win, size=(800,300), position=(0,300), camera=cam)
line1 = soy.widgets.Square( win, size=(800, 2), position=(0,300))
line2 = soy.widgets.Square( win, size=( 2,300), position=(400,0))

Great example of how elegant PySoy has become. No "multiple viewport" hack, the design just incorporates this sort of beautiful flexibility.

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