Friday, April 06, 2007

learning to trust pyrex

I've had a frustrating interesting night with Pyrex, 6 lines of code being written, rewritten, repeatedly, in both C and Pyrex trying to get a simple struct array to work properly.

With some spectacular help from pjd it was finally resolved, and Coreloop is running again, but this spawned a discussion about trusting Pyrex and I've come to realize that - no - I don't trust it. I was coding 6502 assembly in middle school, I started coding C over a decade ago, I don't even use an IDE because it seems to get in the way more than it helps, and here I am trusting this "Pyrex" thing to chew up my code in it's own language, regurgitate it as C, and possibly not give me access to certain things that I need?

However, PySoy is too big to write in C alone, I've been down that road with much smaller modules and it's not fun. I'm going to have to learn to trust the 'rex and start thinking of it as a language of it's own.

In other news, I'm feeling more confident about our SoC students. Hopefully PSF gets enough student slots for us to end up with at least 2 of our applicants.

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