Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Forking Flurry

It seems I was the last one to see it, but it became nessesary for a Soya3d fork to be created in order to build it into a community project.

I've spent the last 28 hours sorting the website business out. Redirects from the various parts of the old now point to their respective elements at, some of which are in read-only states until everything is done. Having external links working has been my top priority.

On the PySoy site we have permissions issues in the DB being sorted through. I'm working through them as quickly as possible but it's going to take me a few more days to get everything working stable again. It's a large website, after all, with many plugins added.

I'm also working to get the mailing lists up. GNU Mailman has changed the way it wants to be installed (-D MAILMAN flag to apache?). I'm getting this done in my free time, between work for paid clients, so it'll be done as soon as it can.

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