Wednesday, December 14, 2011

PyTTY 0.3

Continuing my annual end-of-year coding sprint, I just released PyTTY 0.3.

PyTTY is a Python serial communication package I started last year after a friend said he couldn't use Python 3 yet because pyserial wasn't ported. The point of writing this was to show him that he didn't need an ancient, bloated, poorly-maintained package to do something as simple as serial communication.

What I wrote over an afternoon turned out to be a little over 100 lines of fairly useful code which I've since used in quite a few microcontroller projects (eg, Arduino). Its by no means complete, the only setting is baud rate and there's no Windows support, but its done everything I've needed it to over the last year. The only problem that's been reported is poor documentation which this release aims to fix. It includes a short code example ("pydoc pytty.TTY") which runs on both legacy Python and Python 3.

PyTTY 0.3 is under 135 lines of pure Python and relies only on the Python standard library. If there's a feature you need which this doesn't have either email me a patch or a feature request so I can add it. The Mercurial repository is

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