Monday, November 21, 2011

Google Code-In 2011 is Open

Google Code-In has officially begun!

From today through January 16th students age 13-17 can earn up to $500 working on small tasks for software projects such as MoinMoin, SymPy, and PySoy!

Tasks include coding, documentation, graphic design, video production, testing, translation, research, public speaking, and many other kinds of challenges of varying difficulty.

Completing just one task earns a student a Google tshirt. Every 3 tasks they complete earns them $100, and the 10 top students worldwide will earn an all-expense paid trip to Mountain View, CA to receive an award at Google.

PySoy has over 75 tasks offered for the first half of the program and another 75-100 will be made available December 16th. Our mentors are on Freenode channel #PySoy ready to help students start earning their tshirt and cash today.

Sign up today and get started!

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