Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sqlite and postgres support in Python 3 - today

I've been working with the SQLAlchemy package in Python 3, their pre-0.6 branch anyway.

Currently it offers sqlite (included with Py3) and postgres (via py8000) with their Object Relational Mapper and lower-level SQL Expression Language.

My needs are covered given that sqlite and postgres are the only two databases I find myself normally using. Of course there are those who will balk, "but it doesn't support {'MySQL', 'Oracle', 'MSSQL'} yet!". To the people who need those databases, it's easier to spend a few days helping to port the appropriate dbapi package than wasting energy with complaints.

For web frameworks, where the multi-db abstraction SQLAlchemy provides is vital, it's available to develop on today (svn checkout, python3 They'll provide a separate -py3 tarball with the 0.6 release planned for after PyCon.

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