Tuesday, December 30, 2008

great cheese frustration

I overall like Gnome, but the guys working on Cheese appear to be making some horrible design choices.

Such as, they've removed any possible way to set the video input device, either via gstreamer's properties, or command line, or within the cheese app itself.

Now I'm hunting for another app that does video capture from a video4linux device, or possibly writing one using PySoy.


illume said...


subversion pygame (1.9.0pre) has a Camera object you can use with v4l2.

It's quite easy to use.

At some point we're going to finish modules for windows and mac osx too.


Arc Riley said...

Unfortunetly my webcam only supports v4l1 (ov51x-jpeg)

The argument could be made that all v4l drivers should be upgraded to v4l2, but I won't suggest that myself unless I'm willing to pitch in on that effort.

Philippe said...

I think Cheese uses the gconf gstreamer sink, which you can configure using gstreamer-properties.

Arc Riley said...

It apparently does not, since gstreamer-properties has video1 set as my input, but cheese is still trying to open video0

illume said...

You can also use opencv together with pygame for v4l

A script here:


Or you could skip pygame and just use opencv.