Monday, June 11, 2007

r200 status

We've reached another artificial milestone, what a better time to deliver a "State of the Soy"

First our physics model is coming together nicely; we have working joints with constraints and can connect bodies. Bodies can be removed from a scene and added to another scene retaining their parameters and state, joints not so much yet but soon. Initial work on fields has started.

Next our rendering model now includes GLEW and Vertex Array support along with a legacy fallback. To show this the "Pyramid" test class now inherits Mesh and uses it's render function. No normals or texture coordinates yet, the latter because texture support hasn't been added to this version yet.

soy.File is mostly ready though the load/save functions still need to be added to, well, everything. The basic .soy file format, now embedded in Ogg, is working. There is not yet a global _files array nor does Coreloop process File so delayed loading, especially of Vorbis/Theora, is not happening yet.

soy.colors has been populated. There's now over 100 colors available by name.

Work was started on the MacOS X version of _core, utilizing Carbon for "native" windowing support. We'll hopefully see a fully working version for that platform soon.

I've heard work on the Windows version of _core was started but nothing has been committed yet.

Overall our pace is accelerating; the more pieces become complete the easier it is to work on the remaining. Our roadmap remains unchanged for Beta-1 release July 1st.

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