Wednesday, December 20, 2006

another re-org update

I've collected comments/concerns from 9 people now and, after a discussion with Zach on these, I've published a revised PySoy Rank proposal

The new proposal eliminates Initiate/Intern votes to remove the "leads/directors can get a bunch of non-involved friends as initiates to swing a vote" loophole. It also changes the ratio between developers to make Leads more powerful and the Maintainer less powerful as follows:

  • contributor -> lead vote ratio from 150% to 200%

  • lead -> maintainer vote ratio from 166% to 150%

  • board -> maintainer vote ratio from 125% to 100%

Director term limits are now proposed for 1 year, previously directors could only voluntarily step down or removed through 2/3rd majority, thus giving contributing/lead developers more power to replace directors who do not represent them.

The powers granted to the Maintainer has also been reduced by delegating them to other Directors (which now have named seats and defined responsibility). Ie, the Maintainer cannot unilaterally spend money, handle code packaging, schedule monthly meetings, etc. In many ways the role of Maintainer has been changed to just being an inter-Lead mediator rather than being responsible for the entire codebase.

I think we're getting close to voting on this. Continue to send me comments, comment on the wiki, speak up on IRC, etc.

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