Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blowing up the silos (morning)

An awesome holiday gift last December was a book, "The 4-Hour Body", a 570 page hardcover hacking guide to the human body. On Dec 20 I started the "Rapid Fat-Loss" program within with great success - in less than three months I lost nearly 5% body fat, with just with a few changes to my diet and no additional exercise.

I got looser with the diet as the weather got warmer and I started exercising more, then partially tore my archilles tendon between two different accidents confining me to a reclining chair for two months. Of course I gained all the fat back; the fuel silos (fat cells) were still there in the same number, just emptied a bit, and all of them sending out messages to adjust insulin and metabolism so that they could refill.

You can see on my profile the raise starting in mid-March. However, the experience wasn't a lost cause - I have a better idea of what works and learned a number of new recipes for making it work easier, since the book only mentions veganism and doesn't provide much in the way of meal ideas (I'll share one below).

I started training June 2nd for Fall Rugby season - something I'm using as a focus point to stay motivated. I'm calling this program "Blowing up the Silos" - not just slowly using the fuel within, but mushroom clouds on the horizon. As I sit here at 9am writing this my 640 calorie breakfast burns like napalm through my veins, barely able to sit still long enough to type. When I finish with this I'm headed out for wind sprints just to burn off the excess energy.

Upon waking I immediately downed 500mg Phosphatidylserine, 500mg L-Carnitine, 300mg Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 500mg Maca root powder with a tall glass of water with 1tbsp lemon juice in it, then green tea made from 8g whole leaf supplemented with 3 grams of powdered Cissus Quadrangularis.

From there I have 30 minutes to cook breakfast while drinking the tea and chewing on a handful (24g) of cashews. Breakfast was 1 tbsp (14g) refined coconut oil in a frying pan and a batter made from 1.5tsp (4 grams) ground cinnimon and 92g gram (chic pea) flour soaked in an airtight container with 1 cup of water the night before. Makes something not even remotely akin to a pancake, but edible. Net carbs 50 grams, 26 grams protein, and a whopping 640 calories.

Along with breakfast was another handful of pills; daily cal-mag-zinc supplement (needed to replenish whats lost from green tea causing you to urinate all day), 500mg chromium, 60mg CoQ 10, and a multivitamin.

The magic in this combination is how these various elements cascade each other. I would explain in detail here how each of these do amazing things on their own, but I can't sit any longer. I'll post more on other meals and adjustments I'm making later.

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